Free 15 Step Legal Start-Up Guide! 

Hi there, entrepreneur! Not sure how to get your online business in tip-top shape from a legal perspective? Learn our top tips on how to use smart legal tactics to grow your business and more inside our legal start-up guide.

15 Step Legal Guide For Entrepreneurs
  • Do you have anxiety over things like scope of practice?
  • Are your contracts “Frankenstein” contracts pulled together from what your colleagues have sent you?
  • Are you not using contracts in your practice at all?
  • Do you worry that you may not be reducing your risks as much as you could in the high-liability online coaching and business space?
  • Does worry over how or whether you will have any protection if you get sued keep you up at night?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place! Grab our free Legally Ready Start-Up Guide, where you will learn about the top 15 steps to have in place to run your business without worry and anxiety.

We want this guide to be of real value and substance to you, so it is filled to the brim with the top tips that Kelly and Kristin, the best friend attorney-duo behind Dotted Lines, learned over a combined 20 years of legal practice, distilled into about 26 information-packed pages.


Inside this guide you’ll learn the steps needed to form an LLC, how to optimize your risk mitigation strategies, get your website protected, and what contracts you will need to run all your offerings – whether it be group coaching, blogging on your website, a course, membership, or one-on-one coaching.

Kelly and Kristin are two experienced corporate attorneys, with a combined 20 years of legal experience advising clients in the entrepreneurial space on all things related to entity formation, risk mitigation, and contract drafting.

While Kristin and Kelly were at a prestigious international law firm, they regularly advised clients on these matters ranging from small start-up companies to Fortune 500 companies.

Kelly also has six years of experience working as General Counsel for a collection of private businesses, working alongside entrepreneurs in a wide array of industries to solve everyday problems like how to protect intellectual property rights, employment concerns, risk mitigation strategies, contract drafting issues, and entity formation and structuring issues, just to name a few.

Kristin runs her own fertility-focused nutrition practice and her specialized knowledge of the particular issues facing online coaches and entrepreneurs runs through all we do at Dotted Lines! 

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Although Kelly and Kristin are licensed attorneys in the state of Texas, they are not your attorneys, they have no attorney-client relationship with you, and they do not know your business. The information on this page and in the Legally-Ready Guide is not to be considered legal advice, and you should not consider it a substitute for legal advice. We always recommend consulting with an attorney in your local jurisdiction since they will be able to advise you as to your particular situation and also provide you with information surrounding any nuances of your local laws. We do not guarantee any specific results. .