7 Sales Page Mistakes Blocking Clients & How to Fix Them

By: Kristin Santamaria, co-founder of Dotted Lines and Hailey Rowe, Business Coach and Sales Strategist 

Your sales page can make or break whether or not someone signs up for your product or service. If you want to make a STRONG first impression, let’s explore some common mistakes and simple solutions to enhance your next sales page, along with some important legal tips to make sure your sales page is on solid legal footing.

Here are the mistakes to shift…

1. You’re Using YOUR Language, Instead of Your Ideal Clients’ 

Communicate in a way that resonates with your target audience’s urgent pain points and dream outcomes they would pay money to solve! Get a feel for what your target audience wants to feel, experience, and solve by talking with them in market research interviews or looking at forums where they’d be asking questions. You can also think about past clients or customers & what specific pain points or goals they came to you with.

From a legal perspective, it’s important to make sure you are being truthful about your offer and the results it can provide. Specifically, make sure that you avoid any claims or statements that could be deceptive or promise results that are not typically achieved by your clients or customers. 

If you are a health and wellness professional, it’s important to avoid using words that may fall outside the scope of your practice - such as diagnose, treat, heal, and cure. Treating, diagnosing, curing, and healing are within the exclusive scope of the practice of medicine and avoiding these words can go a long way in making sure your copy is legally compliant! 

2. You Are Missing an Above-the-Fold Call to Action 

The top of your sales page should have a catchy headline related to the key promise of your service or product, and an above-the-fold call to action… before needing to scroll down. Ensure that you have a very visible call to action above the fold. Use action verbs in your call to action. For example, “Book Your Free Consult,” “Join the Membership,” “Claim your Gift Voucher,” etc. Make that call to action button pop! Fun Fact: Purple buttons have been shown to convert slightly higher than other colors. 

3. You're Using Vague or Complex Writing

Use straightforward, tangible language to convey your message effectively. Rather than saying general benefits to market your offer, get specific. Here are some prompts to help you do that:

  • What would make your audience confident and secure in buying your offer?
  • What are measurable improvements your clients can experience? 
  • How will they feel? 
  • What will they be able to know, do, and experience? 
  • What’s the ROI (Return on Investment) of your program or service? 
  • What is the before and after transformations your audience will have?

Being clear in your messaging can also help you comply with Federal Trade Commission regulations applicable to online marketing. Unsubstantiated or dishonest claims can put your business at risk, so make sure you can back up all of your sales page copy by using actual customer or client results and avoid vague claims related to your program’s transformation promise. 

4. You Don’t Have Any Form of Urgency 

Make sure you define why someone should buy now… This could be related to an “act now” discount, early bird bonus, or you can reinforce the urgency of the challenge or goal your audience wants to solve & why it’s important to solve now. 

5. You Don't Have a Clear Differentiator

Highlight what sets your offer apart from the others in your field. Does your offer have a guarantee, a special system or framework, or remove certain inconveniences other offers don’t? Highlight these things! 

6. Insufficient Social Proof 

Showcase positive testimonials to build trust and credibility. You can do this by sharing case studies, screen shot testimonials, written testimonials, or video testimonials from your clients or test clients. Level up your testimonial game by making sure you have clear authorization from your clients or customers to use their testimonial in your marketing materials and make terms surrounding use of their photograph, name, and business clear! Having a Testimonial Release in place can make sure that you check these items off your list and that you and your client are clear on how you will be using their testimonial! 

7. No Legal Policies in Place

In order to make sure your sales page is legally-compliant, you’ll need to have your website policies in place. By having attorney-drafted website policies, you can ensure you are complying with privacy laws and disclose your scope of practice and important terms of doing business with your prospective clients and customers. The three policies you’ll need to check off your list are your Website Privacy Policy, Website Terms and Conditions, and Website Disclaimer! These little policies can offer some serious legal protection when it comes to your sales page (and your business!). Sleep easy at night knowing you’ve got your sales page protected. 

By addressing these common mistakes, you can create a compelling sales page that effectively communicates your value, drives more conversions, and is legally compliant!

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